A group of clergy from across Baltimore have come together to endorse Mary Miller to be the next mayor of Baltimore.

BALTIMORE, MD – Today, clergy representing a diverse cross-section of denominations and neighborhoods across Baltimore City have come together to endorse Mary Miller, a former Obama administration official and Democratic candidate for mayor of Baltimore. This endorsement comes after last week’s endorsements from the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“Baltimore City needs to have the right mayor for this moment — and for the future — so we can create a Better Baltimore,” Pastor Derrick DeWitt said. “Therefore, Clergy For A Better Baltimore endorses Mary Miller for Mayor. In order for Baltimore to be better, it needs a respected leader with the skill set to transform our city. Mary Miller is the only candidate in the race for mayor who understands the investments that need to be made in our communities and people to reduce violent crime, improve our schools, and create good-paying jobs. Her experience in the private sector and her work in the Obama Administration have provided her with the strong financial background that our city needs. We deserve a better Baltimore and Mary Miller will work with us to get it done.”

In order to garner this endorsement, Mary Miller met with, worshiped with, Zoomed with and called dozens of clergy representing diverse denominations and a cross-section of neighborhoods, from Ashburton, Sandtown, and Reservoir Hill in the West; Clifton Park and Oliver in the East; Lakeland and Cherry Hill in the South; and Frankford and Watherson in the Northeast, just to name a few.

“I am so grateful to our city’s faith leaders for supporting my campaign to be the next Mayor of Baltimore. From day one, our campaign has been about unity and inclusion, and my administration will be as well,” Mary Miller said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my vision for a Better Baltimore — and to listen to these leaders about their vision for a Better Baltimore.

“Over the years, I have witnessed the heavy burden our churches and non-profit organizations have been left to carry for our city. Our faith leaders deserve a partner in city hall. As clergy, you provide so much more than spiritual guidance. You are providing trauma care to those affected by violence, developing communities, offering enrichment services for our children, housing for our seniors, and everything in between. As Mayor, I will be the partner you need. We can be a Better Baltimore together,” Miller concluded.

About Mary Miller:

Mary Miller is a Democrat running for mayor of Baltimore, her home of 34 years. Her career has been spent studying urban planning and investing in cities. In 2010, President Obama appointed Mary to help lead our country’s recovery from the Great Recession. As the first woman to serve as the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the U.S. Treasury Department, Mary oversaw the entire U.S. economy. Mary left the Obama administration determined to help strengthen her hometown and has been working to get money flowing into neighborhoods that have been left out and helps women and people of color start small businesses and revitalize historically neglected areas of the city.

About Clergy for a Better Baltimore:

Clergy For A Better Baltimore is a group of clergy from across Baltimore City committed to a better Baltimore that has come together to endorse Mary Miller for Mayor. The group are active members of the community, representing a diverse array of neighborhoods, including Ashburton, Arlington, Canton, Cherry Hill, Collington Square, Coppin Heights, Govans, Greater Mondawin, Guilford, Oliver, Pigtown, Roland Park, Sandtown, Ten Hills, Union Square, Upton, West Highlandtown, and all of Baltimore City communities that want a Better Baltimore.

About Reverend Dr. Derrick Carl DeWitt Sr.:

Reverend Dr. Derrick Carl DeWitt Sr. currently serves as the Senior Pastor of First Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Baltimore. He is also the Chief Finance Officer for the Maryland Baptist Aged Home, the nation’s oldest African American owned nursing and rehabilitation facility. Rev DeWitt serves as President of the Board of Directors of Maryland Baptist Aged Home Development Cooperation, President of the Board of Directors of Intersection of Change Incorporated, President of the Board of Clergy United for the Transformation of Sandtown-Winchester, and serves on the boards of Food and Faith at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Rev. DeWitt is a retired Military Officer with over Thirty years of combined military, federal government, private sector and non-profit business management experience. Rev. DeWitt is a graduate of Baltimore City College, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Averett University, and holds Masters and Doctor of Arts Degree in Theology and Biblical Counseling from Freelandia Bible College and Seminary. Pastor DeWitt was licensed to preach in 1989 and ordained in 1991.