As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Maryland is facing its greatest economic and fiscal crisis since the Great Depression. Even after we have overcome this immediate public health threat, it will take several years to fully rebuild an economy that has been devastated by catastrophic levels of unemployment, wage and salary reductions, small businesses closures and shattered consumer confidence.

In that same vein, it will also take years to stabilize the fiscal outlook of our state and local governments, all of which are now facing unprecedented budget deficits even while expected to deliver more essential services to more vulnerable people than ever before. These are the most difficult of challenges, and while we will ultimately rise to the occasion, it will require the hands-on leadership of highly experienced, capable leaders with proven records of successful economic and fiscal leadership.

It is in that spirit, and for these reasons, that I am proud to endorse Mary Miller in the race to become the next mayor of Baltimore.

While there are several good candidates in the mayoral field, I cannot think of anyone who is as qualified to lead Baltimore City through this period of economic and fiscal crisis as the woman who worked alongside President Obama to guide our nation through the last Great Recession. Nor do I believe there is anyone as capable of making Baltimore a more attractive place for small business entrepreneurship, private sector innovation and capital investment as the woman who rose through the senior executive ranks and shattered glass ceilings at Maryland’s most storied investment management firm.

Knowing her stellar record of success in the private sector and the quality of her service to our country, I know Mary Miller will lead Baltimore City effectively, and that she will bring a desperately-needed culture of efficiency, competence and customer service to city government. Like me, Mary understands that we cannot aspire to economic justice, nor can we sustain our investments in the priorities we all share, in the absence of true fiscal responsibility.

I have gotten to know Mary through my son, Nick, who served with her in the Obama Administration and has remained friends with her through the years. Knowing the personal values and vision that Mary will bring to the job, I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she will also govern this great city with unassailable integrity and character.

As I have said on countless occasions through the years, Baltimore City is the economic and cultural center of Maryland, and its success is essential to the long-term strength and stability of our entire state. It is time for Baltimore City to have a leader that is capable of rising to the prodigious challenges that lie ahead.

Mary Miller is that woman. I am pleased to support her candidacy and will do whatever I can to help her get elected. To learn more about Mary, her record and her vision for Baltimore, please take a moment to review her website. Thank you in advance for your consideration.