This campaign has always been about Baltimore, the city we cherish, and one that deserves new and stronger leadership. There is so much potential here to be recognized and developed.

These preliminary results are just that, with perhaps a third of ballots not counted yet. We’ll be eagerly watching as the remaining ballots are counted — and we’re prepared for all outcomes.

The next Mayor will face great challenges – getting us back on our feet from the Coronavirus, facing the economic fallout head-on, and tackling the bigger issues that plague our city: rampant crime coupled with racism and inequality.

We can throw up our hands and walk away. Or we can roll up our sleeves and get to work. That’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning. And that’s what the next Mayor must do.

Let’s be the city that attracts the world’s attention for the right reasons. Let’s make the investments now that will define our future – in our schools, our workers, and our neighborhoods – to raise the quality of life across Baltimore.

It’s long past time to attack the systemic racism and inequality that have intentionally held back too many people in Baltimore for decades. This current moment of despair over yet more examples of police brutality directed at African Americans only underscores the urgency of this work for our next Mayor.

When I jumped into this race in January, I didn’t know what to expect other than tirelessly sharing our message of inclusive growth to voters across the city.

We certainly didn’t expect the Coronavirus pandemic or a delayed and then mail-in election. We’ve had a lot of adapting to do, and I thank my campaign staff from the bottom of my heart for all the work they have done.

Ordinarily, I would be surrounded by supporters and volunteers tonight to celebrate. Instead, we’ve kept our numbers at our headquarters small to honor the restrictions on gatherings.

That doesn’t stop me from thanking everyone who voted for our campaign, the volunteers who worked so hard, and all those who contributed to this race. You have inspired me, informed me, and, most importantly, driven me to the finish line.

Tonight I am joined here by my husband and my two sons. Thank you for your constant support throughout these six months and all the years before.

And finally, to all of Baltimore, thank you. Thank you for your engagement in this election, your passion, and your vision for a better Baltimore. No matter which candidate you supported, Baltimore is better because of you — and I know brighter days are ahead. To my fellow candidates, thank you for your tireless commitment to our city.

I’ve given this campaign my best effort because I care so much about this city and our future. I will never forget the new friends I’ve made and I will never stop fighting for Baltimore.

Thank you.