The first mayoral candidate to release an education-focused plan, Miller’s plan highlights five opportunities to create an equitable education system

BALTIMORE, MD – Today, Former Obama administration official and Democratic mayoral candidate Mary Miller released her plan to create an equitable education system. The plan highlights the need for the next Mayor to take action to ensure the right for every student in Baltimore to receive a quality education.

“Our current education system is deeply inequitable and underfunded,” said Mary Miller. “My vision for Baltimore is that we’ll no longer be a city where your zip code determines your future, and that begins with education.”

The plan highlights five opportunities to strengthen Baltimore’s education system:

  1. Prioritizing public education in the City budget,
  2. Expanding access to high-quality early childhood education,
  3. Developing a professional and diverse workforce of educators,
  4. Preparing students for 21st Century work, and
  5. Investing in the holistic needs of children and their families.

Mary is the first candidate in the Baltimore mayoral race to release a plan focusing on education, highlighting the priorities of the campaign and the need to address Baltimore’s education system.