More than two months before Election Day, Mary Miller, candidate for mayor of Baltimore, has released five years of tax returns

BALTIMORE, MD – Today former Obama administration official and Democratic mayoral candidate Mary Miller released five years’ worth of federal and state tax returns. The original returns are being released on Miller’s campaign website, more than two months before Election Day as part of her commitment to transparent and ethical leadership for Baltimore.

Key details from the joint tax returns of Miller and her husband include:

  • Over the past five years, the Millers paid 24.5% of their adjusted gross income in taxes.
  • Itemized deductions primarily consisted of charitable donations and payments of state and local taxes. Miller has also gone a step further than other candidates to include the schedule of itemized deductions.
  • The Millers donated 26% of their adjusted gross income over the past five years to charitable organizations. The majority of their donations went to 40 local organizations in Baltimore.

“This campaign is about my personal commitment to help Baltimore be the city we know it can be,” Miller said. “As part of that commitment, I’ve donated a significant amount of my income to local organizations in Baltimore for the past five years. I’m running for mayor because I’ve seen how many hardworking organizations and individuals are fighting for our city’s future. They deserve a trusted leader who will support their work with a unified vision for a better Baltimore.

“As mayor, I will commit to having no outside business dealings. I want to send a message from the top that no one should use public office for personal gain. I also commit now to serving without taking a salary from Baltimore’s taxpayers. I’m grateful for what this city has given my family, and I’m committed to creating opportunities for everyone in Baltimore. I will work for you and only for you.”

Having left a top leadership position at T. Rowe Price to serve at the U.S. Treasury Department, Miller has demonstrated a history of placing public service over a paycheck. This voluntary disclosure of the Millers’ tax returns comes following earlier returns and additional financial information that was made available during her U.S. Senate confirmation hearings in 2009 and 2011 after President Obama nominated Miller to serve first as Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets and later Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the U.S. Treasury Department.

Miller was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate after both hearings and was thoroughly vetted by U.S. intelligence agencies, ultimately receiving top-secret security clearance. This is the level of ethics and integrity that Miller will bring to City Hall as mayor of Baltimore.

This disclosure comes as a new poll shows rising support for Miller, reflecting momentum and enthusiasm from Baltimore’s voters. As of March 10-14, Miller took 12% of the vote, up from 2% two months before, and was the only active candidate whose share of the vote increased. Her name recognition meanwhile rose from 35% to 68%.

About Mary Miller:

Mary Miller is a Democrat running for mayor of Baltimore, her home of 34 years. Her career has been spent studying urban planning and investing in cities. In 2009, President Obama appointed Mary to help lead our country’s recovery from the great recession. As the first woman to serve as the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the U.S. Treasury Department, Mary oversaw the entire U.S. economy. Mary left the Obama administration determined to help strengthen her hometown and has been working to get money flowing into neighborhoods that have been left out and helps women and people of color start small businesses and revitalize historically neglected areas of the city.


Download Mary Miller’s Tax Returns