The first proposal dedicated to public health and epidemic preparedness in the mayoral candidate field, Miller’s plan features six policies to end public health disparities in Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD – Today, former Obama administration official and Democratic mayoral candidate Mary Miller released her plan to end Baltimore’s health inequities. The plan highlights the disparities in Baltimore residents’ health and well-being due to underinvestment in marginalized communities. As Baltimore’s next Mayor, Mary will make the health of all Baltimore residents a top priority.

Even before the COVID-19 virus showed up, Baltimore’s lower-income communities were in a public-health crisis, underscoring Baltimore’s need for strong leadership and crisis-management experience in the mayor’s office. From lead poisoning to asthma, life expectancy varies by as much as 20 years across Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

“The Health Department has been doing a lot with very little, but it has not been given the resources necessary to effectively ensure the health and well-being of all Baltimoreans,” said Mary Miller. “We cannot effectively reduce crime, improve educational outcomes, or address our city’s housing problems unless we also address our public health needs.”

As Mayor, Mary will prioritize public health and end disparities by:

  1. Ensuring Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies,
  2. Providing Effective Treatment for Substance Use,
  3. Making our Homes and Neighborhoods Healthy,
  4. Promoting Equitable Access to Healthy Foods,
  5. Reducing Infant Mortality and Improving Maternal Health, and
  6. Protecting our School Children.

The first candidate in the Baltimore mayoral race to release a plan dedicated to public health and addressing the COVID-19 virus, Mary Miller is committed to making the health of all residents a top priority. At the peak of the national financial crisis in 2010, Mary Miller was appointed by President Obama to help lead our country’s economic recovery, giving her the experience and crisis management skills to tackle highly complex problems, such as those presented by COVID-19, to ensure the safety of all Baltimore residents.

Since launching in January, Mary has released plans to Make Baltimore Safe for Everyone, Create Inclusive Growth, Strengthen our Education System, and Make Baltimore more Transit-Oriented, all tying into her plan to End Baltimore’s Public Inequities.

About Mary Miller:

Mary Miller is a Democrat running for Mayor of Baltimore, her home of 34 years. Her career has been spent studying urban planning and investing in cities. In 2010, President Obama appointed Mary to lead our country’s recovery from the great recession. As the first woman to serve as the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the U.S. Treasury Department, Mary oversaw the entire U.S. economy. Mary left the Obama administration determined to help strengthen her hometown and has been working to get money flowing into neighborhoods that have been left out, help women and people of color start small businesses, and revitalize historically neglected areas of the city.