A new poll shows the race for mayor of Baltimore is currently a three-way tie with Miller’s support continuing to rise to 16%, the only candidate with positive momentum

BALTIMORE, MD – A new poll shows former Obama administration official and Democratic mayoral candidate Mary Miller continuing to rise in the polls with 16% of the vote. Mary Miller is the only candidate with positive momentum, demonstrating her appeal across the city and reflecting the enthusiasm from the community.

“Over the past 16 weeks, Mary’s support has risen from 2% to 16% as voters continue to get to know Mary’s platform of tackling crime and expanding opportunity for all,” said Ann Beegle, Mary Miller’s Campaign Manager. “As we face a deep economic crisis, Baltimore has an opportunity to come back stronger and more inclusive, and we need Mary’s experienced leadership more than ever.”

The poll surveyed 500 Democratic voters - a larger sample than other public polls to-date - and is consistent with the campaign’s internal polling showing strong, continued momentum.

About Mary Miller:

Mary Miller is a Democrat running for mayor of Baltimore, her home of 34 years. Her career has been spent studying urban planning and investing in cities. In 2010, President Obama appointed Mary to help lead our country’s recovery from the Great Recession. As the first woman to serve as the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the U.S. Treasury Department, Mary oversaw the entire U.S. economy. Mary left the Obama administration determined to help strengthen her hometown and has been working to get money flowing into neighborhoods that have been left out and helps women and people of color start small businesses and revitalize historically neglected areas of the city.